Thursday, March 22, 2007

Episode 20 - Stranger Than Fiction

Episode 20 - Stranger Than Fiction is now up.

In this episode, I play a lot of songs from Stranger Than Fiction as well as some songs that have nothing to do with the album.  I also talk about the new album, New Maps of Hell, giving my predictions on who will be the author of what songs.

Because I recorded this episode away from "the studio" and I forgot to send the track information from "the studio", I don't have specific information for all of the songs I play in this episode.  I'll try to have these up by Monday.

Songs Player:
Rules, Hearts (Daredevils)
Incomplete (Live, info pending)
The Handshake (Live, info pending)
Hate You (Daredevils)
UCLA Interview with Greg Graffin
Leave Mine to Me (Live, info pending)
Better Off Dead (cover by the Centerfolds)
Leaders and Followers (Stranger Than Fiction B-Side)
Slaves (Live, 1981)
Politics (Suffer Demos)
Stranger Than Fiction (Live at MTV's Most Wanted, 1994)
Tiny Voices (Live at Red Rocks, Colorado, 1996)
Slumber (Live at Red Rocks, Colorado, 1996)