Saturday, July 22, 2006

Episode 12 - Greg Graffin Live at the TLA in Philadelphia

Episode 12 is now online. This episode contains the entire Greg Graffin set at the TLA in Philadelphia on July 11, 2006. You'll also hear 'uprorious' and 'thought provoking' commentary between me and my friends BRiton and BRendan. As this is a road show, the sound quality is a little sketchy, but hopefully the content delivers. Naturally, I sound stupid as ever, but I'll pretend my poor communication skills are a result of focussing on driving. (Hint: they're not).

Anyways, the entire show can be found here. I need to find some video editting tools before I can get the video up. Don't expect anything great from the video, as I stupidly recorded it in the lowest resolution that my camera could take.

Also, I play an acoustic version of 'Gifts' that John K. Samson played during an encore during the Weakerthans section of the show.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back From The TLA

Well, I'm back from last night's show at the TLA. We got there just in time for Greg's set to start (he was the opening act, meaning he only had a 30 minute set). I got the entire set on audio, although the sound quality isn't as great as I would have liked (it turns out that it was a little too loud, so the acoustic songs sound pretty good but the non-acoustic ones aren't so good). I also have everything except for the first one and a half songs on video, which may have actually came out better audio wise. I will figure out which version has a better quality when I transfer it to the computer later today. The actual video quality won't be very good (it was just me holding my digital camera), but I'll post it for anyone who wants to see it.

Here is the set list from the show:
Don't Be Afraid to Run
Cold As The Clay
California Cotton Fields (done by Greg on acoustic guitar as opposed to the piano on the studio version)
(I think there is another song here, probably Little Sadie, but I'm not sure)
Rebel's Goodbye
Highway of Denial
One More Hill (Swith to Piano here I think)
Watchmaker's Dial

Some of these details may not be exactly right, my memory isn't perfect. I'll update this later today when I transfer things to my comptuer and listen again. And of course, you'll get to hear all about it on the upcoming Podcast episode (plus plenty of "bonus material" of my friends and I talking on the drive to and from the show). That episode will likely be up this weekend, although it could take a little longer because there is a lot of editting to do.

As for the other bands at the show, The New Amsterdams weren't very good. For those who have never heard of the band, they're the acoustic offshoot of The Get Up Kids, who, IMO, were a better band. The New Amsterdams played one or two decent songs, but overall they were pretty "samey" and nothing really stood out. It would have been nice for them to be the opening act so that Graffin could have had 15 more minutes to play some more acoustic Bad Religion numbers (he only did Suffer, despite saying "here are a few songs from my other band", implying that he was at least going to do more than one).

The Weakerthans, though, had a very awesome set. This is my second time seeing the band, and I've also heard a live recording of them, so it was nice to hear them throw in three new songs from their upcoming album. I'm not real sure what I think about these new songs, they're slightly different in subject matter than Samson's earlier songs in that they seem a little more overtly political (much like One Great City). What was really cool about the set was that when Samson came back for the encore he took a request to play "Gifts" for the 15 people in the venue who recognized it. The song appeared on Propagandhi's "Less Talk, More Rock" album but not on subsequent Weakerthan's albums like "Anchorless" did.

Overall it was a pretty good night, I just wish that Graffin played longer or at the very least there was a better second band than The New Amsterdams.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Headin' Out

In just a few short hours I will be heading out to the TLA for the Greg Graffin and Weakerthans show. I'll have a preliminary review of the show here today or tomorrow, and the next episode will be up (with songs from the show) as soon as I get around to editting it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Episode 11 - Into and Out of the Unknown

Episode 11 of the Bad Religion Podcast is now posted. This episode, called "Into and Out of the Unknown", focuses on Into the Unknown and Back to the Known.

Songs played in the episode:
It's Only Over When (Live at Gilman Street, 1983)
Time And Disregard (Studio Version)
You Give Up (Live at Gilman Street, 1983)
Yesterday (Live at We're Not The Damned, 1989)
21st Century Mix
New Leaf (Live at Fullerton, 1982)
Bad Religion (Live at CBGB's 20th Anniversary Show)
Frogger (Live at Hate Yourself, 1989)
Along the Way (Live at No Substance Live Radio, 1999)
Million Days (Mars Moles Cover)
Losing Generation (Mars Moles Cover)
The Dichotomy (Live at Gilman Street, 1983)
Riding The Storm Out (REO Speedwagon Cover from the Rock 'n Roll 7 inch)

Also, there is an audio version of an interview with Graffin where he talks about Into the Unknown.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes. Just search for "Bad Religion" and pick the podcast that isn't about prayer.