Thursday, April 20, 2006

Episode 6 - The Music Video Episode

Episode 6 is now out. The theme of this episode is Music Videos. In this episode I discuss several of the videos that Bad Religion has produced over the years. I will have links to all of the vidoes that I talked about up a little later.

Also in this show I have a very exciting announcment. Highlight the following text if you wish to know it now: I will soon be conducting an interview with Jay Bentley! Post any questions that you want me to ask here, or e-mail them to me.

Here is the list of songs covered in this episode:
21st Century Digital Boy (Live From Maritime Hall, 1999)
American Jesus (Live From Escalares, Spain, 1996)
Los Angeles Is Burning (Piano Cover)
Struck A Nerve (Live from Unknown Infections)
Streets of America (Live at Lorelei, 1996)
Dream of Unity (Live at No Substance Live Radio, 1998)
Let Them Eat War (Live in Osaka, 2006)
The Lovely Ohio (From American Standards)

I also play some of the Greg Hetson interview on indie 103 fm from last week, and a few clips of standards songs that will be appearing on Cold As The Clay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should ask him about those songs like Follow The Leader and Moonshire Whiskey

And although they may be fed up of this... you must do all you can to get ITU re-released, beg them, bribe them, whatever it takes. You must tell them it's what all the fans want!

11:57 AM  

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