Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Episode 27 - Everything Must Cease

In this very last episode of the Bad Religion Podcast I give thanks to the band and everyone who listened to the show.  I play a bunch of songs, mainly focussing on songs I particularly like.

Songs played:

Cease (Lorelei 1996)
Don't Sell Me Short (Hard Pop Days)
American Jesus (Peel Sessions)
Delirium of Disorder (Suffer Live)
Won't Somebody (cover by Spidey255)
Tested (Go Bang 1997)
God Song (In the Zone 1998)
Change of Ideas (Demo)
Surface of Me (B-Side)
Fields on Fire (Demo)
Billy (Demo)
Parallel (In the Zone 1998)
Along the Way (Escalarre Valles, Spain, 1996)
Chasing the Wild Goose (studio version)
Fuck Armageddon This Is Hell (Seattle Sessions, 1998)

Thanks for listening, everyone!