Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Episode 21 - What's In A Name?

After a four month delay, Episode 21 - What's In A Name? is now up.

This episode contains songs from bootlegs with odd nicknames, like Loosing My Love and Hate Yourself. For those of you still worried about New Maps of Hell spoilers, this episode doesn't contain any of them. I'll be doing a NMoH episode next, though.

Songs played in this episode:
Operation Rescue - Fuck The Government Bootleg
Sanity - Eat or Die Bootleg
Portrait of Authority - Radiation Hazard Bootleg
Tomorrow - Live and Alive Bootleg
Individuals - Eat or Die Bootleg
The Gray Race - Suffer and Die Bootleg
When - Hate Yourself Bootleg (note that this song is cutoff in the bootleg... which I realized after I recorded the episode)
Rock 'n Roll - All Our Yesterdays Bootleg
Pessimistic Lines - Cover by The Quadratics
The Empire Strikes First - Cover by The String Quartet
Part III - Go Bang Bootleg
Damned to be Free - Holy Smoke Bootleg

Also, I apologize for the bad sound quality of this episode. The microphone I usually use to record the show wasn't working for some reason. I am in the process of buying some new equipment, though, so look forward to what will hopefully be an increase in sound quality in future episodes.