Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Episode 19 - Themeless

Turns out I'm not dead, and Episode 19 - Themeless has been posted.  In this episode I change up the formula a bit to include more blocks of music and less 30 second clips of me talking.  If you have an opinion on this shift in format, post a comment here or e-mail it to me (

Songs played in this episode:
White Trash (2nd Generation) - Live at We're Not the Damned, 1989
Kerosene - Live at Chicago, 1993
Tiny Voices - Live, circa 1994
Forbidden Beat - Live at Live Suffer, 1989
A Walk - Live at Coney Island High, 1997
Supersonic - Live at Slims Club, 2003
All Fantastic Images - Live at Seattle Sessoins, 1998
Recipe For Cake - Parody by Ratguy
Universal Cynic - Gray Race B-Side
Pictures of Matchstick Men - Seeing Eye Gods (Brett's Side Project)
Pessimistic Lines - Live at the Country Club, 1991