Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Episode 8: The Acoustic Episode

Episode 8 is now posted. This episode features many solo songs from the band, and some that Greg did by himself. There's also a new listener interaction section this week, where you have to guess the song from small clips.

Suffer Unplugged
Tell Me What You Think
Sowing the Seeds of Utopia (Live at the Seatle Sessions, 1998)
Let's Do It (Duet with Joan Jett, a little cut off)
1000 More Fools (Acoustic)
Sorrow (Cover by the Chimpunks)
The Watchmaker's Dial (Live at Greg Graffin Solo Show in Berlin)
Pessimistic Lines (Demo)

There is also an interview Greg did with a Norwegian radio station in 2004 about The Empire Strikes First.

Also, I changed how I did my voice a bit in this episode, so I'd like to hear your guys comments on that. Feel free to leave them here.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Feed Update and Next Episode

I realized that I had not updated the second feed for the podcast, so some of the people weren't getting the latest episode. That should be fixed now.

Also, the next episode will probably be out around Friday.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Episode 7 - The Jay Bentley Interview Episode

Episode 7 is now up. It features, as promised, a 50 minute interview with Jay Bentley. I ask him about the new record, plans for new tours, the origin of some songs, if they have any unreleased songs, if they've played some of the more unpopular songs live, how the setlists get made, and lots of other questions.

The song also features three live songs:
Pity - Live From 1982
Greg's New Song - Live From 1982
News From The Front - Live From 1999

Next episode will go back to the traditional Bad Religion Podcast episode format.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Links Are Working Again

I was able to resolve the problem I was having with my DNS, so the links to the podcast feed and individual episodes should be working again.

Also, if you are using iTunes you may need to Right Click on the Podcast and hit "Update Podcast" in order to fix the feed and continue downloads as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Episode Links Currenlty Not Working

If you're having trouble with the episodes and the links, it's because my domain name is currently expired. I hope to have this renewed by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jay Bentley Interview Recorded

I had a chance to conduct about a 50 minute interview with Jay Bentley over the phone today. I still need to edit it (our voice volume levels are not matched very well due to the crappy hardware I was using to record it), so it isn't ready qutie yet. The plan will be to release it as a Podcast Episode this weekend (hopefully Friday), along with a few songs. Then it will be back to a normal episode in two week's time.